Welcome to Smiths Falls Pickleball

April 12, 2024 – Update

Outdoor Pickleball starts in April (tbd by weather)

See below for our Summer Schedule

Where We Play


We play at the outdoor pickleball/tennis courts beside the Smiths Falls Youth Centre.


Indoor play is at the Senior Centre. It requires advance booking through the member section of the website

When We Play


Monday, Wednesday, Friday,
Saturday, Sunday
9 am to 11 am

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
5:00 pm to dusk

Beginner sessions - Saturday 9 am

email thornley.j.d@gmail.com to get more info and/or to join our club.


Winter play is limited to a single court and requires advance booking through the membership section.

What You Need


Players need their own pickleball racquet/paddle and a pair of running shoes. The cost of racquets range from $40 to $300+. Racquets are available from Canadian Tire locally and from Sports stores in Ottawa, Brockville or on-line from Amazon.ca


The club supplies the nets and balls. We also have a couple of racquets for new players to try the game.